24 April 2007

Victory for religious freedom

After long being discriminated against, Wiccans who die in the military can now have a pentacle on their tombstone. I first became aware of this fight in March of last year (you can read my original posts on the topic here and here).

I feel that Wicca is probably one of the most misunderstood religions in America. I've seen topics on message boards arguing whether it's a religion or not; I've heard people call them satanists; people generally think they're crazy. Even the poll on the site of the article shows that 33% of 120,001 people (which comes to about 39,600) do not support the Wiccans. This goes to show that we're still a long way from being free of discrimination.

Here's the Wikipedia article on Wicca, and here's the AOL article about the victory.

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