06 April 2007

Global Warming

There's been a lot of discussion lately, not about whether global warming exists, but who or what is causing it. Some hold that we're causing it due to our careless lifestyles, and others believe it's natural; that the earth goes through heating spells and ice ages periodically. Personally I believe that global warming is caused by both (our lifestyle is most likely exacerbating things), I also believe that it's insignificant.

I don't care if we're causing global warming or not. We should still be concerned about what we're doing to our planet. Even if our SUVs and outrageous energy usage aren't the culprits, they still aren't good for our health and the planet.

One of the most likely reasons global warming has been in the mainstream news as much as it's been is probably attributable to Mr. Al Gore. I don't know who originally broke the story that his personal home(s) uses about $14,400 worth of electricity per year, but it's made its way around to everyone by now. I'll admit that I'm disappointed in a lot of Gore's decisions, but I'm still thankful that he's bought attention to a serious problem, and has got people thinking about more eco-friendly lives. Probably the biggest problem I had with An Inconvenient Truth was the shots of him riding in what appeared to be an SUV.

Here's a list of super-easy ways to help the world around you (and yourself):

1. Go vegan. A UN report of global warming said that animal agriculture was a major cause of pollution; in fact, it was one of the three major causes. Even a vegetarian diet is better than an omnivorous one. GoVeg is a great resource for those wanting to try out such a fantastic diet.

2. Walk instead of drive. Or ride a bike. Or use public transportation. Or carpool. Drive as little as you can. Not only will this lower you're contribution to pollution, it'll also save you money.

3. Recycle!

4. Unplug energy vampires. When you're not using something (like your computer), unplug it. Even if it's off, it's still sucking electricity.

5. Use a microwave instead of stove/oven. It's quicker and uses less energy.

6. Instead of your ordinary bulbs, install compact fluorescent light bulbs. They're a tad more expensive, but last up to 10 times as long.

7. Plant lots of trees.

8. Use e-mail instead of paper.

9. Use cold water instead of hot.

10. Always buy appliances with the Energy Star Label.

11. Buy digital music. There's much less waste.

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