25 April 2007

This is funny?

There's always been people with disgusting and offensive humor. Most of the time I just ignore it. I gave up trying to change people long ago, especially since I grew up in a place where most of the people aren't exactly considerate (your typical redneck, racist, chauvinistic Bible-belt town). But this says a lot about today's American culture.
I can't even imagine how you propose a joke like this. It's hard to picture someone saying, "I know what we could do - lets joke about being in a rape club. That'd be hilarious!" Like the good people at Feministing put it, ASSHOLES.

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tik said...

hey liberalpanda, i came across your blog via the alf's discussion forum, where you posted the link.

this story you've commented on here is simply disgusting ... i sent ucsd an email saying they should issue a formal apology. anyone else, feel free to do so too: