24 April 2007


I feel that, of all the changes that have overcome me throughout my life, one of them has had an especially profound effect: Buddhism.

Before I officially started to call myself a Buddhist, I subscribed to Buddhist thought. I think one of the most important aspects of Buddhism is that you don't have to be a Buddhist to get something out of its philosophy. In fact, a lot of people don't even consider it a religion, but instead a lifestyle.

Buddhism has made me more mindful and conscious of myself and those around me. The first book on Buddhism I ever encountered taught me to love everyone, even those I'd never met or disliked. The Buddha taught that you should treat everyone as you would treat your mother; after all, they were your mother in a past life.

Non-attachment is also a big part of Buddhism. Attachment, whether it's to things, places, or people, always leads to suffering. Through non-attachment, however, we can free ourselves from that suffering and have happier lives.

Like I said earlier, you don't have to be a Buddhist to take something away from the Buddha's teachings. You can learn compassion for the world around you, and you can give yourself and others a happier existence through love.

A Basic Buddhism Guide: Introduction to Buddhism

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JoeC said...

I always admired that about buddhism, that many Buddhist teachers actually encourage you NOT to give up your first/native/youth religion, but to just let it amplify and flavor the religion you already adhere to. Seems like whatever the "true" religion is, that little bit of wisdom/advice has to be part of it.