24 April 2007

Oh Rosie!

Rosie O'Donnell is a woman full of controversy. You either love her or hate her. It just so happens that I love her.

She's been in the news a lot lately, thanks to some of the statements she's made on The View. In my opinion, she's been in the news a bit too much. She's become a distraction for the media.

I've watched The View in the past, although I'm not a regular. I'm just not much of a television person. Recently, she's made statements about 9/11, the media, Iraq, and Trump. Bill O'Reilly wants her fired, and she's become his liberal of choice on his show (which I don't personally watch, I just hear about. I'm not keen on making his ratings any higher). That is particularly funny to me. Bill O'Reilly, master bullshitter, liar, and propagandist, getting oh so upset over a liberal that makes sense.

I think it was the 9/11 questions that got the media's attention. But it really doesn't matter. The whole point of The View is to talk about anything, and that's exactly what she does. She just brings up actual news and questions instead of the pretty news that the media and most people are used to. Our freedom of speech (which might not be around that much longer - enjoy it while you can) affords her the right to say whatever she wants. If she wanted to, she could get on the show tomorrow and say Bush is a yellow-winged pixie from the world of Xenji who's come to kill us all with his magic ray-gun.

People need to realize that if you don't appreciate O'Donnell's views, just don't watch her. It's not that big of a deal.


Punditman said...

She is a voice in the wilderness, a tender spot in the armour of media complicity. Go Rosie go!

JoeC said...

I like Rosie, too. Especially for bringing up the 9/11 debate and just saying, don't take my word for this...investigate it yourself. And I also like on her blog how she refuses to take troll bait, and replies with straight or uplifting answers. She's all right.