20 April 2007


I used to be a big magazine reader. Two years ago, I was subscribed to 15. I've learned my lesson since them.

My original reason for so many subscriptions was a combination of a trance-like devotion to women's magazines like Lucky, Glamour, Marie Claire, etc., and my liking mail. Luckily, I've broken free of the world in which sickly is beautiful and I have to want the latest $800 purse. Right now, there's only one magazine I still read, and that's Vanity Fair.

I've always thought it would be fantastic if magazines offered subscribers the option of going hard-copy free. Wouldn't it be nice if, instead of receiving a magazine in the mail, you could read it in .pdf format? I know some people still like to have something they can hold in their hands, but I'd much rather be able to read it without worrying about the distance it's traveled and whether or not the magazine is made out of recycled paper.

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