23 May 2007

Is it REALLY an immigration issue?

On March 30th, Alfredo Ramos killed two girls in Virginia Beach, VA while driving drunk. He later admitted to being in the country illegally. Since then, officials have made more of an effort to detain and deport illegal immigrants.

The story made national headlines when Bill O'Reilly made (yet more of) a spectacle of himself while arguing with Geraldo Rivera. Here's the video: (note: I'm currently using a slower connection, so I'm assuming this is the right video)

Mr. Rivera's right. Completely. This had nothing to do with illegal immigration, but it had everything to do with drunk driving. Instead of working to further reduce the number of people who drives drunk, which would be a daunting task, all the focus has gone to the seemingly easier solution: blame a group that already has a ton of bricks on their shoulders. America is increasingly becoming more and more hostile to immigrants, particularly those of South American heritage. Our government's even gone so far as to build an actual fence! The American people need to realize that our entire nation was built upon immigrants wanting a better life and a fresh start - to take that same hope away from people today is selfish.

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