08 May 2007

Eastern vs. Western Math

On April 25th, the BBC had an article about Britain's Royal Society of Chemistry offering £500 to anyone who could answer a math question from a Chinese entrance exam.
This is the BBC's example of a similar question from a UK exam:

When I was in elementary school, our teachers used to tell us that the Chinese school systems were much more strict than our own, and that the students were twice as smart as us. What I'm wondering now, however, is why the west is so far behind. Any thoughts?

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JoeC said...

This article says most European students (who kick American high schoolers' butts in smarts...) can pick which school they want to attend. So, if a school doesn't attract students, it gets shut down. As a result, European schools don't keep underperforming bad teachers employed forever like government monopolized U.S. schools do.