03 June 2007

Aunt Jemima

A petition has been created for the removal of the Aunt Jemima image and name, one of the many racist/sexist icons used by an American company. According to the petition,

The racist, sexist stereotype of Aunt Jemima has become entrenched into the subconscious memory and culture of all Americans, and like a health-destroying bad habit, has sneaked into our existence and psyches as to have become a normal image that no longer holds feelings of disgust, shame and revulsion. That the manufacturers of Aunt Jemima have for over 100 years been able to so skillfully integrate this disparaging symbol into American culture, as to lend it as imparting endearing qualities across all racial, gender and ethnic groups, has had a profound impact on the image black Americans have had of themselves and of the image whites, and other races, have had of black people, and especially the image that black women have had to contend with.
There is also an article about the history of Aunt Jemima at Beautiful, Also, Are the Souls of My Black Sisters.

I have a feeling that, in the decade coming up, many degrading logos and images will be replaced by something far better. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking of my part. But I do think that people are finally realizing that icons like Aunt Jemima is dangerous to our society.

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